Fighting Food Insecurity During the Coronavirus Pandemic

We Are Living Through History. We are living through more human and economic devastation than recent memory.

We are living through history. We are living through more human and economic devastation than recent memory. Twice the deaths of the Vietnam War. The worst recession since the Great Depression. Nationwide civil unrest and protest. In the midst of all these monumental events it has been local actors that have risen to meet the moment.

Eliseo helps carry food for a New York City food bankIn Forest Hills, Queens nonprofits like Masbia and Commonpoint Queens have stood out in their fight against food insecurity. Long before the pandemic, Masbia and Commonpoint Queens were already physically embedded in the communities they serve. As a volunteer, I can attest to the dedication and hard work of these organizations.

Previously, Masbia was a soup kitchen that wanted its patrons to have a sit-down dining experience. Now in the age of Coronavirus, they hand out supplies outside on the sidewalk to residents of the neighborhood as well as from neighboring communities. Commonpoint Queens has also served the community whether through food deliveries to vulnerable seniors or through sidewalk pickups to the public.

With millions out of work and federal unemployment benefits running out, it is the work of staff and volunteers at nonprofits here in Queens and around the city that keep millions from going hungry.

Please take a moment to stand with these organizations as I have. Whether it’s a donation or volunteering yourself, we need all the help we can get in the fight against food insecurity. 

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