How Much Does a Quality Website Cost?

Consider Your Options for Website Design

Going for the lowest cost website for your business can end up costing more than you bargained for. In fact, our experience has been that, time and time again, website designers building “value brand” sites end up delivering sub-standard products. 

It’s not just about finding the cheapest option. If you don’t invest in the most important tool for marketing modern businesses, you’re going to get what you pay for.

So, here are the website design options, as we see them.

Using a "Value Brand" Web Designer

On more than one occasion, we inherited websites that clients had bought through a low cost site designer. The end result was a website that either didn’t possess functionality and aesthetic design elements, or simply wouldn’t show up in search results. Or worse: both.

What are the pros and cons? Well…


  • A low up-front cost – but…


  • Low cost means “low-priority”
  • Little to no quality control
  • Almost certainly no attention to SEO, branding, message, grammar, spelling
  • If it’s not the website you need, you’ll lose money on traffic, or lose money buying a new website.

Pre-Packaged Site Designers or "Out-of-the-Box" Templates

It is possible to simplify things, or possibly make them worse. Pre-Packaged site designers include options like Wix, Squarespace, and a whole slew of other offerings. These drag-and-drop “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) tools do exactly what they say. And nothing on the back-end.

Alternatively, “Out-of-the-Box” site templates are typically generic, and still don’t offer anything by way of digital marketing edge. No SEO, no branding, etc.

Either way, you’re taking more than just a gamble. You’re entirely skipping an integral step.


  • Possibly a low up-front cost – but…


  • WYSIWYG and Out-of-the-Box templates are two-dimensional, lacking any back-end strategy
  • No attention to SEO, branding, message, grammar, spelling, except what you do yourself.
  • Again, if it’s not the website you need, you’ll lose money on traffic, or lose money buying a new website.

Hiring a Professional Agency

There’s no better path to a quality website than by having it done professionally. A knowledgeable, experienced web design agency will provide you with a well-finished product that’s worth the investment.

If the up front cost is stopping you from making the right choice, there are other options. However, every option should be well-researched and vetted for credibility.


  • A high-end web design with attention paid to User Interface, User Experience, and quality design.
  • Back-end development that includes integrated SEO
  • A well thought out marketing message, and a layout with conversions in mind


  • Up-front cost is higher, because it’s an investment in your future

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