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Creative Intelligence

What is Creative Intelligence?

Creative Intelligence is the quality of an individual or organization to become adaptable to any situation. It is the core philosophy of those who are competent in creative thinking and technology.

Creative Intelligence is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. At JP Drake, it means that creative web design, user interface and user experience integrations, built-in SEO ready architecture, and overall quality of execution are highly adaptable to our client’s needs.

How is Creative Intelligence Applied to Web Design at JP Drake?

Web Design methodology is an ever-changing frontier in the modern webscape. The standard components of design can vary from one design philosophy to another.

At JP Drake, I follow the fundamentals established by the most prominent standards developers in the industry.

User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) Design

The way your customers interact with your website determines if they will stay and hear what you have to say, or decide they’re not interested. It takes a split second for them to decide, and that only gives you precious milliseconds to convince them otherwise.

Visual aesthetics are a significant part of creating an effective user interface. But building in a comprehensive experience with immersive content and visuals takes more than most freelance developers can muster.

I have been designing and building websites for a wide range of clients for more than eight years. My mission is to be the best, and I guarantee your satisfaction from day one.

Templates and Styling

A fully immersive user experience also requires continuity. The more streamlined your presentation online, the easier it is for users to follow the intent of your website’s map.

My workflow begins with the generation of a theme, including colors, elements across all site pages, image considerations, fonts to use and what sizes they should be. Choices are made based on client preferences, meaning you get to dive in and let your needs be heard.

Visual Design

With templates and styling in place, the next most visual component, and perhaps the most important, is the visual design. This includes an overall layout of graphics, artwork, and creative media.

This is an area of web design that many developers struggle with. Creativity and technology don’t always go hand in hand. That’s where an experienced web design graphic artist becomes essential to your online quality.

On top of my experience in designing websites, I have years of experience developing graphics and media meant to compel customers to stay engaged with your site. This means longer times onsite, and lower bounce rates.

Site Maintainability

It doesn’t do much good to have a site built from the ground up, just to lose functionality as software and onsite elements are upgraded until the originals are deprecated. If your website is obsolete, you can bet you’ll be losing customer traffic and, over time, this can mean big money.

I employ an arsenal of analytical and statistics related tools to improve the quality of every client’s website. This means more value and less money wasted.

Site Speed

Customers hate waiting for a page to load almost more than they hate dry content and boring images. By using state-of-art tools and software, we have continuously been successful at building websites that are optimized for fast loading across a variety of platforms.

Navigation (Information Architecture)

Web users go through a journey on every website they visit. In some cases, this is a short trip, more or less brushed off because the trip doesn’t appeal to them. Others find themselves lost in their experience, confused about their surroundings, and simply give up.

The mission of navigation and sitemap design at JP Drake is to develop a pathway to customer conversions. Conversions can mean buying a product, signing up to receive updates in their email, or watching a video.

What’s most important is that the customer feel comfortable on their journey through your site. The steps they take to get to the conversion feel natural to them, making them more apt to buy-in to the product offering.


Since the dawn of the internet, content has been kind. That is to say, your website has to say something pertinent and useful. Users need to be engaged, and search engines need to learn about the website.

In fact, many people don’t realize how critical quality content is to search engine rankings. It can literally make or break a business’s success.

Knowing this means that we can also beat the odds by creating quality content that draws your customers in. When search engines find the content that users are searching for, it puts those results at the front of the line. And being in the front of the line is the only way to be seen in search results.


Freelance web designers, especially from foreign countries, often don’t understand that users aren’t all the same. Many of those people who engage with the internet see the world from a different perspective.

Whether they have poor vision, are blind, or have some other form of visual or auditory disability, they have buying potential too. Accessibility is a buzzword that often challenges online creators. Without the experience, many designers and developers overlook the importance of this issue. Imagine that your website is the only one in your industry to be accessible to disabled individuals. Those users are going to not only be able to experience your product, they’re also going to appreciate the consideration.

Web Design at JP Drake includes full compliance with the World Wide Web Consortium. This means your site will feature high quality content and graphics, as well as an all-inclusive interface. That will open doors to other potential customers, which will help your bottom line.

Back-End Code Functionality and Logic

As part of the functionality of your website, having well-organized, efficient programming means a faster, more reliable site. Clean code and a well-organized site also gives additional signals to search engines.

Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more, all include search functions for site efficiency. It’s easier for them to read and process the data they find. By providing validated code, your search listings will be more likely to show up in rankings.

Quality Control

When it comes to web designers, there are a lot of options available. The market is flooded with “experts” who are eager to take your money and leave you holding the bag.

Many foreign developers aren’t well-spoken enough to write content that is grammatically correct and spell-checked. Even domestic designers are often not educated or experienced in creative, effective writing.

Customers expect to see a polished, quality product, when they’re looking to do business online. This means that the product we provide to you must show that quality.

A significant part of the design process at JP Drake includes quality control. This means passing through several digital tools for visual and grammatical references. It means spell checking written content, validating code online, and reviewing accessibility guidelines.

A Quality Product, Every Time, Guaranteed

It’s not enough to design a pretty site that does what our customers expect. At JP Drake, our integrity rests in our ability to cover the quality controls others don’t.

Are you willing to bet your success on those designers? We’re hoping you don’t.

Collaborative Styling

At JP Drake, the creative process relies heavily on the wants and needs of clients. This means that our websites must reflect the mission and values most important to them.

Collaborative styling reflects the intent of the web designer to work in tandem with customers to build their vision. We want to know what you see when you imagine your website.

To us, it’s a work of art, and we’re passionate about producing something stunning.

Wireframe Planning

Quality websites go through several steps before going live. This can mean anything from interviewing the client about their preferences, to a full, detailed review of the site before public release. It means developing your customer’s journey, building a user interface that keeps them on your site, and providing an experience that has lasting effects.

One of the most important steps in the web design creative process is developing a wireframe of your site. This means building a visual representation of your website to show it’s functionality and navigational processes. This happens before the first lines of code are written.

I build a scale model of your website for your review and approval. I won’t start building until you know what you’re getting and tell me it’s what you want. My mission is to exceed your expectations.

Client Communication

Many web design professionals hardly interact with their clients. The stress and challenges of satisfying the client’s needs often interfere with their ability to find success.

You have a vision of the online experience you want your customers to have. Knowing that you have something amazing waiting for you, and never hearing about the progress, is frustrating.

I will communicate with you daily, morning, noon, or night, to ensure you’re satisfied with the progress of your site. I schedule regular teleconference meetings with my clients to make sure that we interface one-to-one, and give you an experience that exceeds your expectations.

I’m working around the clock to satisfy my customers. That’s a commitment I make to ensure that you walk away with everything you expected and more.

Digital Branding

Your website isn’t selling a product. It’s selling your product. That makes it your online brand ambassador.

When you’re being represented anywhere, you want your brand communicated the way it appears in the vision you have for success. My web design process includes a focus on digital branding.

Clients who already have a steadfast brand can depend on me to provide them with a website that speaks their vision. Those who need branding can also depend on me to provide experienced consultation on brand strategies.

In the modern world, your online branding is your voice to the masses. It communicates who you are and what you stand for. And it’s my mission to communicate that message to your users clearly and effectively.

My wholehearted commitment is to strive to exceed my client’s expectations. I stand for excellence and believe in making you stand above your competition proudly.

Full-Stack Innovation

What is Full-Stack Innovation?

“Full-Stack” is a term used by web designers, software developers, and others to say that they possess the skills to work on every aspect of a project.

In web design, this means the ability to navigate the technical and creative elements of the project as a whole. It means having an understanding of the programming environment, including the work done behind the scenes. And it also means having an eye for aesthetics and compelling visual design.

The Process of Full-Stack Innovation at JP Drake?

When it comes to success, what a client sees, and the code that makes their website function, are only part of the deliverables. Understanding of the many components that must function beyond the user’s interaction is part of our quality offerings.

JP Drake integrates the additional portions of your website’s design to work in tandem with other services you will need. These services include:

  • Project Management
  • Integrated Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Creation Templates
  • Optimized Content and Media (A Critical Component of Integrated SEO)
  • Employment of Cross-Discipline Design Principles

What sets JP Drake apart is the ability to produce a complete, quality reviewed, client approved website. We pride ourselves on a product that will fully satisfy your needs.

Project Management

The project management process begins with a client/designer meeting in which we will determine your needs and the basic project scope. This includes everything from what you want to see in your site, to how it will function, as well as color styles or visual aesthetics you would like integrated into the design.

Next, we review all of the existing information about your needs and sketch out a way forward. This will be refined to develop a project Scope of Work.
The Scope of Work is the blueprint for the design process. It outlines exactly what work needs to be done, including details that cover the gambit of elements to be designed and added.

Once we have met with you and developed our scope of work, we will begin the design process with a wireframe. A wireframe is a non-functioning, visual mockup of the site, which allows you, the client, to communicate what elements you like, and what elements you want changed.

After a series of submittals and reviews of the wireframe, we’re able to get an exact model of how your site will look and function. By following this process, the actual design and development of your project will be streamlined.

The next step in the design phase is creating the technical outline of the website. This is the back-end framework, and the beginning of the front-end visual design. It includes functions, code snippets, and related data, all of which will be integrated into the final product.

From the technical outline, a more concrete design is developed, forming the basis of the website. This is where the site begins to take shape.

At JP Drake, websites are designed locally, meaning they don’t go live until they’ve been completed and approved. The site is built on a server with an imitation URL, allowing us to send you previews without having the site appear to the public.

Through another series of reviews and revisions, the final website will take shape. At this point, you will be able to see your final product. You will have the opportunity to interact with the user interface, and experience the full functionality of your website.

Finally, once you submit your final approval, your site will go live. Integrated analytics, SEO functionality, and monitoring will go into effect, and you will be ready to take the next steps. With SEO designed into the site, any SEO specialist will be able to take your site and get you ranking in no time.

Integrated SEO

Your customers are looking for your services, and they’re doing it on the internet. In fact, 97% of consumers go online to find a business. With that in mind, 82% of consumers find businesses using search engines on their smartphones.

Imagine that your clients are nearby, looking for the product(s) you have to offer. With your business located at the top of search results, you will get the most visibility of any competitor within 100 miles. Users will see you first, whether it’s in their search engine, or in Google Maps.

This result is accomplished through the implementation of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

So, What is SEO?

According to the SEO company,, SEO is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

There are two major types of SEO. One is offsite, meaning it’s done online through external means. This can include simple processes, such as link building, social media management, image optimization, and much, much more.

The second type of SEO is onsite. As it implies, this is done on your website. Again, there are many facets to the process which are too in depth to explain here.

What’s important to understand is that many SEO agencies will charge a fee to simply check your current site’s “health.” Items reviewed can include how headings are used, how trustworthy your site is considered, and how well certain details of the site are included appropriately.

Ultimately, Google has released some information confirming that there are more than 200 ranking signals used to determine where a site will show up in search results. Onsite SEO has the most significant impact on these results when a site is brand new.

Content Creation

There are more than 2.5 Billion Gigabytes of information generated on the internet every day. That information is segregated by social media posts, new accounts of every kind, and lots and lots of YouTube videos. A significant portion of the information generated in a day also consists of written content, including blog articles and content copy (such as this.)

With this comparison in mind, think about the quality of content required to make any difference to your online presence noticeable. It’s possible to post daily and get some attention. Search engines may notice the difference, but they won’t include your results if the content isn’t considered high quality.

High quality content must be informative, useful, well-written, and free of spelling errors. That means, it’s not just “stuff” thrown out into the ether with the hope that someone will read it.

Content that appears on your website must be well-spoken. It has to be knowledgeable, and it has to answer questions people are asking.

Quality content is difficult to come by if the writer in question isn’t well-spoken or well-read enough to produce something worth noticing. That’s why the content writing industry has as much success as it does.

High quality content can gain you another advantage in the online competition game. If search engines see it and like it, your content can quickly be posted to search results. This is just one more way to reach your customers.

JP Drake has more than 15 years of professional, quality writing experience. This includes topics from fashion fluff and satire, to engineering, technology, fitness, and more.

The average fee for true quality written content can be as much as $200 or more. Low budget writing can cost as little as a penny per word, or less.

Either way, you’re either paying high for good content, or low for bad content. You will rarely find much in between.

As part of our web design services, JP Drake will provide content creation services for your site for a minimal fee. That includes quality wordsmithing, relevant subject matter, and every word needed to build your professional quality site.

Original Stock Media

The internet is overpopulated by unoriginal media. That’s why JP Drake offers custom, high resolution stock photography to make your pages pop.

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Our mission and our passion is to employ Creative Intelligence to create technically exceptional, visually engaging, and highly effective website designs. We believe the User Interface and User Experience are the critical components of any online experience.




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