What Matters for District 29

Climate Change

*Climate ResiliencyWhile we invest in our economic recovery from Covid-19, we must not lose sight of impending battles down the road. Climate change remains an existential threat for humanity.

Nonetheless, I believe we can draw from our lessons learned with Covid-19 to face that threat. We will prove once again that New York City is the indomitable city and that we can adapt and overcome any challenge.

I propose several targeted investments to shore up our climate resiliency as a neighborhood and a city.

New York City central park climate change

  • Invest in our storm water management to mitigate flash floods
  • Invest in NYCHA preparedness & disaster readiness
    • Assist Disabled Residents stuck in their units during emergencies
    • Ensure emergency management plans are in place at every NYCHA property
    • Ensure Property Managers possess accurate emergency contact info for tenants.

NYC Green New DealWe have taken positive steps with NYC’s Green New Deal but we must continue to invest and fortify landlocked neighborhoods like ours in tandem with our coastal neighbors. No neighborhood is immune from another Superstorm Sandy.