What Matters for District 29


Borough Jail in Kew Gardens

Queens County Jail Complex PlansWe cannot and will not abide by a borough mega jail being built in Kew Gardens. This unfair process was railroaded through City Hall against the wishes of the Borough President, the Community Board and community residents. The borough jails are projected to cost taxpayers tens of billions of dollars over the next decade. Undue risk would be placed upon the 4 schools within walking distance of the facility; P.S. 99, The Kew-Forest School, Ezra Academy, and Archbishop Molloy High School. Years of construction related pollutants would place our elderly at undue risk of health complications.

Then COVID-19 hit.

COVID-19 Virus - Eliseo Labayen for New York City Council 2021

This is not the time to be spending taxpayer dollars on building jails in the middle of a residential community. Now is the time to be investing in our small businesses. Now is the time to be supporting our transportation networks. Now is the time to be providing for our kids in our schools.

If elected I pledge to revoke support of this borough jail project and use the funds instead for small business grants, cheaper and more effective public transportation, and investment in our schools. If elected, I pledge to stand shoulder to shoulder with the community against this or any other undue transgressions.

I pledge to fight for our community.