What Matters for District 29

Small Business Support

Small Business Grants

There is no economic recovery for NYC without its small businesses. The federal government has singularly failed to support small businesses through the botched Small Business Loan Programs. City Hall must step up with a much more robust response.


I support significantly expanding existing and new small business grant programs through the NYC Department of Small Business Services. As an example, the NYC Love Your Local grant program gave out a total of 40 small businesses $90k each or $3.6 million.

I support increasing the funding for such a program 100x. $360 million dollars for 4,000 small businesses only amounts to less than 1% of the city expense budget. Doing more for our small businesses is not only possible, it is necessary and urgent.

Create an Office of Small Business Liaisons

The city must create an office of Small Business Liaisons because the city cannot afford to keep our small businesses in the dark. Any and every penalty or regulatory violation imposed, is desperately needed capital for our mom and pop shops. I want to model this office in part from the NYC Campaign Finance Board also known as the CFB. The CFB pairs every political candidate and organization with a liaison that guides them through any questions or concerns in the campaign process from start to finish.


I want to do the same for our small businesses. Each business would be assigned a liaison that shepherds them from violating obscure city regulations and answers any outstanding questions under the umbrella of the Department of Small Business Services. If elected I pledge to pursue the fruition of such an office to stand by our small businesses.